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Oxycontin Treatment

If you or someone that you care deeply about is addicted to the prescription medication Oxycontin, the need for help is almost as important as the need to breath fresh air each day. Oxycontin addiction is a devastating disease that affects thousands of individuals and their families in more ways than one. Fortunately, there are a number of options available for you when it comes to the treatment of this dangerous addiction.

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Treatment Options

There are three primary elements or factors that go into any qualified Oxycontin addiction treatment program: detox, counseling and follow-up care. Each of these plays a key role in the overall recovery process and each step must be taken to ensure the complete and lasting recovery of the patient. Unfortunately, when it comes to Oxycontin treatment, there is no way of speeding the process, skipping steps or otherwise veering off the beaten path.

Oxycontin Treatment Step 1: Detox

The first step of Oxycontin treatment is to get away from the physical burden that this addiction has on you. Oxycontin is a highly physical addictive substance which means that the need for detox is even stronger than with some other less physically addicting substances. Detox is the very first step of the treatment process and also the most challenging. During this time, the patient will be relieved of their physical dependence on the drug through a series of medications, rest, meals and most of all—time.

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Oxycontin Treatment Step 2: Counseling

The second step or phase of Oxycontin treatment takes place after all physical dependence factors have been addressed and the patient is no longer physically dependence on the opiate. This phase of treatment consists of counseling and therapy methods to assist patients with their emotional well-being post addiction. Various methods of counseling are provided but most take place either in an individual or a group setting. These sessions focus on key issues that surround the addiction, the potential causes of the addiction and the potential ways of staying away from Oxycontin in the future.

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Oxycontin treatment Step 3: Follow-up Care

Every effective Oxycontin treatment program will include follow-up care that will assist the recovering addict in maintaining their newly found sobriety by providing them with additional support and care. Follow-up care from an Oxycontin treatment program may include job placement opportunities, new housing opportunities or sober living, education resources and various other assistance programs that will help the patient to reintegrate back into society post addiction.

Need free or low-cost treatment? Find free, state funded or low cost treatment options.

Treatment Options