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Oxy Withdrawal

Once addiction has set in the pain and discomfort that comes with no longer taking Oxys of any form be it Oxycontin, Oxycodone or Roxicodone can be unbearable for the addict. Withdrawal symptoms make it difficult to stop taking the drug by having the exact opposite effect on the individual as the drug does itself. People who take Oxys will have bone pain, muscle pain, nausea, and various other side effects when they stop and it is these very side effects that push them to take more of the drug.

Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms may be both physical and psychological and could last anywhere from 5 days to months or more. In most cases, the psychological symptoms that present from the addiction will far outlast the physical symptoms and it is these psychological symptoms that require long term treatment and care. Oxycodone causes chemical changes in the brain which can reduce the ability for the neurons to actually perceive comfort which means that when there is no oxycodone taken, the result is terrible discomfort, pain and weakness. For many addict, it is these symptoms of withdrawal that cause them to continue going back to the drug again and again. Fortunately, there is help and there is hope available. Many, if not all, of the symptoms of Oxycodone withdrawal can be managed to assist those who wish to recover and overcome this dangerous addiction. Read more about Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms here.

Oxycodone Withdrawal Treatment

Treatment for addiction differs from one patient to the next but there are always some things that remain constant such as the need for detox and counseling followed by a qualified and effective aftercare or follow-up care routine. Oxycodone withdrawal treatment will begin as soon as the patient enters detox and may include a combination of holistic services such as acupuncture or massage, plenty of rest and sleep, medications to counteract the drug’s effect and various other medical intervention services. Together, when medical intervention is paired with a range of holistic services, most patients can overcome the pain and discomfort of Oxycodone withdrawal in a matter of a week or so and they can then begin treatment for the psychological hold that the drug has on them. Read more about Oxycodone withdrawal treatment here.

Oxycodone Withdrawal Timeline

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms are considered a predictable part of the rehabilitation process and can be expected whenever the dosage of oxycodone is suddenly lowered or dropped completely. Physical dependence on Oxycodone causes the withdrawal symptoms to occur and they will typically last a period of 5 days or more depending on various factors including the individual health of the patient, the length of time that the individual was using the drug and the level of usage. Read more about the Oxycodone withdrawal timeline here.

Oxycontin Withdrawal Treatment

Withdrawal from Oxycontin is a difficult and dangerous process to go through but it’s also a vital first step of the recovery process. Without actually going through withdrawal and receiving treatment to assist you in overcoming the physical dependence on the drug, there is no chance in ever overcoming the psychological stronghold that this drug can have. Various types of treatment are offered to assist patients in their Oxycontin withdrawal process including medications, medical intervention, holistic care, natural remedies and of course plenty of rest and relaxation. The first week of Oxycontin withdrawal treatment is the most difficult and leaves the patient most vulnerable to relapse but the chances of long term recovery get better and multiply with each week in treatment so it’s important not to ever give up hope. Read more about Oxycontin withdrawal treatment here.

Roxy Withdrawal

Roxys, also known as Roxicontin or Roxicodone are one of the more widely abused forms of Oxys today and account for hundreds of deaths due to overdose each year. Roxy withdrawal, like Oxy withdrawal, is a vital first step of any recovery process and results when the individual abruptly stops taking Roxicodone after addiction has already begun to set in. The symptoms of Roxy withdrawal are similar to the symptoms of any other opiate withdrawal and include restlessness, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and bone pain. In most cases, these symptoms will manifest for a period of about a week but could last longer for patients who have used the drug for a long time or for those who use a high dose of the drug. Roxy withdrawal can be dangerous in some cases as there is a risk of increased heart rate, high blood pressure, fever or other dangerous side effect occurring so it’s important never to start the detoxification process without medical supervision. This ensures the safety of the addict. Read more about Roxy withdrawal here.

Oxycodone Withdrawal Duration

As with any other opiate or opioid, the duration of withdrawal for Oxycodone may last a period of about 5 days or more depending on the level of use, the severity of the addiction and the health of the individual. In most cases, physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms will subside within about a week but the psychological symptoms of Oxycodone use may persist for many months or even years to come. Read more about Oxycodone withdrawal duration here.