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Oxycodone Abuse

Oxycodone is a habit-forming medication used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain and trauma. This medication is often used for patients recovering after surgery and is also used to treat severe chronic pain. Due to its potency and highly addictive nature, most medical professionals prescribe with caution and only under close supervision. Oxycodone is easily abused because of two main factors, its tolerance building attributes and the ability to become physically dependent on it. Even the most careful of patient can find themselves building a tolerance and becoming dependent when taken for an extended period of time.

Tolerance occurs when a patient has to take more of a drug to feel the same effects as they did before. This can cause a patient to take more than prescribed or take it more often than prescribed. Once a patient crosses this threshold, dependence is not far behind. Dependence occurs when your body feels that it needs the drug to function normally. Without the substance in your system, your body starts to go through something called withdrawals. Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe and can also incorporate a variety of uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

Oxycodone Addiction Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms of oxycodone addiction, which can alert you to a problem in yourself or a loved one. Many times these small signs can be the thing that tips you off that this person may have a problem, ultimately saving their life. The first and most prominent symptom of oxycodone addiction is the intense craving for, or the feeling that you need the drug on a regular basis. Sometimes the individual feels that the drug solves their problems. Many times individuals will make sure they have constant supply of the medication on hand, so that they don’t run out.

Another sign related to addiction is trying to quit using, but not being able to. If your loved one has said time and again that they are going to quit, but it never happens, they may have a problem. One of the easiest to spot signs of oxycodone addiction is when your loved one begins to do things out of their character in order to obtain the drug. This could include stealing, prostitution, resorting to violence, as well as committing any number of crimes. Finally, if your loved one begins to focus more and more of their time on finding the drug and using the drug, they most definitely have an addiction and need help.