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Oxycodone Addiction Signs

As a highly habit-forming opiate, oxycodone is can be very dangerous if not taken as directed by a physician. This is because of its tolerance building attributes as well as its ability to cause physical dependence in users. Tolerance is when a patient no longer receives the same effect from a regular dose of the medication as they did before. Many times, tolerance can cause a person to take more of the medication or take it more often than it is prescribed. This overuse and misuse can lead a patient right into the reach of dependency, making it a serious issue.

Physical dependence happens when the body starts to feel as though it needs a drug to function normally. This type of reaction usually only occurs after extended use, misuse, or overuse. Once a patient is dependent on a drug, they will experience withdrawals if they suddenly stop using. In order to stop the withdrawal symptoms, the patient will need to either use again or detoxify completely from the drug. Detoxing at home can be very dangerous, and is not recommended by medical professionals. The only safe way to detox from an opiate like oxycodone is to use a medical detox, where you can be monitored around the clock.

Recognizing Signs of Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone addiction can be life threatening, and overdose happens more then you may think. But, there are many indicators that can be noticed, which can alert you to an addiction problem in a loved one. If you notice any of these signs in someone you love, get them help right away. The most popular sign of any addiction, not just oxycodone is the need to use the drug on a regular basis, as well as a belief that using the drug helps them deal with their problems. Additionally, most oxycodone addicts will make sure they don’t run out of the drug, which will lead to more time being spent looking for and using the drug.

If these more subtle signs go on unnoticed, the addict may start to exhibit some more startling behaviors, like doing things that are out of character in order to obtain the drugs. These oxycodone addiction signs can include stealing from friends and family, or even may involve other more risky and illegal behaviors, such as prostitution, burglary, or acts of violence. These types of behaviors can increase the danger aspect of using oxycodone greatly, and are a definite sign that you must act fast and get your loved one the help they need.