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Oxy Addiction

Addiction to opiates such as Oxycodone, Oxycontin or Roxicodone can be highly dangerous and may even result in death. Not only is this type of addiction completely debilitating in more ways than one, oxy addiction or any addiction to opiates can result in detrimental consequences for both the addict and all of those involved directly and indirectly with the addict. Although Oxycontin is one of the most widely abuse prescription medications on the market, there is room for hope. Treatment and rehabilitation is available for those suffering from addiction to dangerous opiates including Oxycodone, Oxycontin or Roxicodone.

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Treatment Options

Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone addiction results from prolonged or abusive use of the dangerous prescription medication Oxycodone. Unfortunately, this is not the only situation that leads to oxycodone addiction. All too often, those who are prescribed the medication for a legit reason find themselves taking the medication just as the doctor ordered only to wind up addicted. Oxycodone addiction is a very likely occurrence for anyone who is prescribed this medication and who takes it for a period of more than just a couple of weeks at most. While there are some times when Oxycodone is a necessary pain reliever, it’s important to pay close attention to the way the pain reliever is taken, the amount taken and the length of time it is taken to ensure addiction does not occur. Read more about oxycodone addiction here.

Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin is a powerful pain reliever that is administered to patients who suffer from chronic pain or those with acute pain that is moderately severe. Various situations can lead up to Oxycontin addiction including being prescribed the medication for a prolonged period of time or taking the drug for recreational purposes. Regardless of how you become addicted to Oxycontin, there is help for those who find themselves stuck in the strongholds of this dangerous opiate addiction. Rehabilitation centers and treatment facilities provide a range of detox and counseling services to assist patients who suffer from addiction to Oxycontin. Read more about Oxycontin addiction here.

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Roxicodone Addiction

A more recent epidemic in the news and in doctor’s offices today is the highly dangerous and abusive use of Roxicodone. Another derivative of oxycodone, Roxicodone is available in 15mg and 30mg pills that contain a combination of oxycodone and hydrochloride. Unfortunately, these, like other oxy pills, have an exceptionally high potential for abuse and have become sort of a pandemic on the streets causing addiction, overdose and death throughout the United States. Read more about Roxicodone addiction here.

Oxycontin Addiction Signs

By learning to recognize the signs and symptoms of Oxycontin addiction before it’s too late, you may be helping yourself or someone you care about to reduce their risk of overdose or even worse, death. Various addiction signs may present themselves long before the addiction has spiraled out of control. Some of the signs to watch for if you or someone you know is using Oxycontin include:

• Anxiety
• Nausea
• Tremors
• Restlessness

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These are just a few of the warning signs that Oxycontin has begun to take its hold on you and that there may be a need for help before addiction fully sets it. Once an individual is addicted to Oxycontin, the best chance they have for overcoming the addiction is to seek professional help at an Oxy rehab center that specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of those suffering from opiate addiction. Read more about Oxycontin addiction signs here.

Oxycontin Addiction Symptoms

Oxycontin addiction symptoms are much like the signs of addiction, except for there are some additional symptoms to watch for. If the symptoms of Oxycontin addiction become prevalent to you or to someone you care about it’s important to seek immediate help. Oxycontin abuse can lead to extreme consequences and in some cases, when this drug is paired incorrectly with alcohol or other prescription medications, the end result can be death. Watch for these Oxycontin addiction symptoms if you or someone you know is currently taking Oxycontin:

• Insomnia
• Preoccupation with finding more Oxycontin
• Muscle pain
• Bone pain

Read more about Oxycontin addiction symptoms here.

Need free or low-cost treatment? Find free, state funded or low cost treatment options.

Treatment Options

Oxycodone Addiction Symptoms

Oxycodone is another opium derivative that is often found in Percodan and Percocet. This drug has a wide potential for addiction and is commonly prescribed to treat mild to moderate pain including both chronic and acute pain. Oxycodone addiction symptoms include:
• Insomnia
• Restlessness
• Flu-like symptoms
• Bone and muscle pain
• Tremors
Read more about Oxycodone addiction symptoms here.

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Oxycodone Addiction Signs

Recognizing the signs of Oxycodone addiction early on can reduce the risk of the addiction getting to a point in which there is extreme danger to the patient. While the signs and symptoms of Oxycodone addiction are the same, the ability to recognize these signs is not always as easy as it may seem. This is because, most of the signs do not present unless the drug is NOT used which means that the only way to tell if the addiction is starting to set in is to actually stop taking the drug—this is something that many people don’t do simply because of the symptoms that present when they stop. Read more about Oxycodone addiction signs here.